Welcome in KW Giglio - Florence

Florence is the city most requested by the international public.

It is the cradle of culture, home to well-known and iconic art and architecture globally and the birthplace of geniuses such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Donatello, Dante Alighieri just to mention a few.

To respond to the city’s great stature, Simone Fraternali, Mega Agent of New Orleans, international investment consultant and broker of various real estate transactions to and from Italy, decided to return home to give life to KW Giglio, the first KW Market Center in Florence.

Simone Fraternali, originally from Florence, will bring his experience and his international network into play, essential characteristics to give the real estate market of the city the right breadth.

Alessandro Banfi will assist him by making available his knowledge of Florence, having worked in the field and bringing together a wide range of specific skills and local contacts.

The Keller Williams Giglio agents exceed all expectations in regard to giving exceptional customer service to their clients.Our experienced agents are well trained and utilize state of the art technology to stay knowledgeable of all aspects of the real estate industry.

Keller Williams today is #1 in the world in real estate brokerage, with over 180,000 quality agents in over 50 countries and the KW Giglio Market Center is located in the heart of Florence, Italy. Our associates are passionate about their role as KW agents to service their clients in a professional manner. Keller Williams keeps culture as a top priority. Every agent strives to achieve the common goal to present the highest level of customer service to their clients and within the real estate industry.

In today’s real estate world people are looking for real professionals to trust, for someone who understands the true needs of their clients.

Passion for their work and full transparency are fundamental elements to establish customer trust in the entire phase of the sale process.

Skills and Competence are the cornerstones of Keller Williams real estate agents!

Customers want their trusted real estate agent to have the ability to fully understand every facet of the housing market and with the appropriate skills, to help them, step by step, until the realization of their dream.

KW Giglio - Florence
Viale Belfiore, 30
50144 Firenze FI
055 215354
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