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Perugia is an ancient city, with Etruscan origins dating back to the 6th century BC.For thousands of years it has developed, twice actually, building a new city on top of the old one, becoming the extraordinary place it is today. A funky yet distinguished bustling university town with a delightful and impressive historic center. Known for its famous jazz festival it has a reputation as the pulsing core of northern Umbria. And no doubt it is one of the most authentic regions in Italy! Full of quaint medieval hilltop towns, rugged nature, stunning scenery and home to an impressive cashmere industry. The high quality of living, good food and wine, tranquility, mystical atmosphere and a very diverse appearance in different parts attract both buyers and renters alike.

KW Gryphon, the KW market center of Perugia was born out of sheer passion.Not just for real estate but especially for all the people involved.After, of course, the buyers and sellers KW Gryphon is very much aware that agents are the third column on which any real estate company is built.And not only that, while any buyer and seller deserves a fantastic agent, every agent deserves all possible appreciation and support.

Implementing the very American business concepts of KW in the Umbrian real estate market means taking it to the next level!To serve our clientele in the best possible way our agents enjoy all the advantages KW has to offer. Innovative technology to connect directly with local, national and international colleagues in over 50 countries, to manage their business and propose listings with the swipe of a finger.An endless amount of courses tailored to their needs and wishes.Constant support from dedicated Gryphon staff to ensure smooth working methods, accountability and a great environment based on collaboration. With more productivity, a better lifestyle and income the Gryphon agents can very easily focus on what they do best: sell property.

KW Gryphon has agents for various segments of the market, residential property, second homes, prestige and investment properties as well as hospitality businesses.It will naturally be their honor and pleasure to help our clients.But also to share their reality and winning mentality with any outside agents looking to improve their way of living and operating.

We are looking forward to meeting you, sincerely,

Caroline S.van Agteren - Operating principle

Stefano Trippolini. Team Leader

KW Gryphon - Perugia

06121 Perugia PG
075 8010789
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